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RiSource supports organizations, accounting firms and tax service providers with their
CbCR - Country-by-Country - Reporting submission

Take advantage of our unique and independent CbCR services

RiSource has developed an easy-to-use and independent online portal for electronic submission of your CbC reports.
Our CbC portal follows the latest OECD template for CbCR and the latest (XML/XSD) specifications of your local tax administration.
If there are any differences in these specifications, RiSource will take care of this without additional costs.

Sign up before 1st of December 2018 and get acquainted with our attractive CbCR proposal.

Pricing CbC / Country-by-Country Portal

  • One-off

    for € 1.495

    • Required local XML report

    • Including:
    • CbCR Reports
    • CbCR Business Analytics

    • CbCR Filing for EU countries

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  • Subscription
    for 3 Years

    for € 999

    • Required local XML report

    • Including:
    • CbCR Reports
    • CbCR Business Analytics
    • CbCR Archive-Audit Trail

    • CbCR Filing for EU countries

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  • Service for accountancy / tax advisory firms

    from € 2.995

    • Required local XML report(s)

    • 3 submissions € 2.995
    • 5 submissions € 3.995
    • 10 submissions € 5.995
    • 25 submissions € 9.995
    • CbCR Filing for EU countries

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CbC submission is no rocket science, but....

CbC submission is no rocket science, but....

Gathering information for the required and recurring annual CbCR submission, can be done by tax or financial officers within your organization, properly supported by a local (tax)advisor.

If all CbCR information is stored in an Excel spreadsheet, this spreadsheet must be converted to a specific XML format, inline with the latest CbCR template - requirements of your local tax administration.

The conversion from XLSX (Excel) to this XML format, requires IT knowledge and skills and is certainly not an easy job for smaller and midsize companies, accountancy firms or tax service providers. For this reason, RiSource makes your life easy and ensures that you stay focused on your core business.

What do we need from you?

What do we need from you?

The only thing we need from you, is an Excel spreadsheet with all CbCR information and off course your contact and invoice details.

For your assurance, we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), before we start any activities. Within the hour you get access to your secure and independent, online CbCR Portal.

What you wish, is what you get!

What you wish, is what you get!

After a technical validation (if supported by the local tax administration), RiSource will send you the required and necessary CbC-XML file. This will keep you fully in control without sharing your submission credentials. Besides this XML files, we developed a sophistaced CbC portal with additional features to build insight into and oversight onto your CbCR administration.

Our CbCR deliverables:
  • 1. The required XML files for your local tax administration
  • 2. An CbCR Dashboard with geo map, pie charts and diagrams
  • 3. CbCR Reports
  • 4. A full audit trail from the start of your CbCR administration
You get all these features for one price!

The Benefits of our CbCR Portal

The Benefits of our CbCR Portal

  • Suitable for:
  • Midsize and large companies
  • Accountancy firms or tax advisory services

  • Affordable, Independent, Fast & Secure
  • Future proof: Always asssured of the latest XML & XSD version
  • No hidden costs
  • Transfer of your XLS / XML file by Digipoort of Dutch Tax Authority
  • Pay only for successful submission(s)

  • Optional CbC Services
  • Dynamic & Online Organizational Chart of your full Corporate Family
  • Entity Completeness Check, based on public data
  • Features for your Transfer Pricing project(s)

More information?

More information?

If you need more information about our CbCR portal, need technical assistance or if you have a more functional CbCR question(s), please send an email to Ruud d'Achard van Enschut, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More Information

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