• Services - Corporate Services for Accounting Firms

    An automatic
    managed data service for
    Accounting- and Law firms

  • Services - Entity Reduction / Rationalization

    Never it was so easy to build & visualize the impact of different scenarios

  • Services - Mergers & Acquisitions Services (M&A)

    A New Holistic Approach to M&A and Due Diligence Projects


RiSource offers a range of services as part of our solutions



Our consultants and product specialists can assist your company with customized implementations and provide the most effective configuration of our software for your business needs.

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Implementation, on time and within budget!

Implementation, on time and within budget!

Based on 20 years experience, our team support your implementation with specific industry standards and best practice processes.

As a part of the implementation process RiSource will be able to offer a number of services. For instance we will be able to customize our systems to meet your organization´s requirements. RiSource will be able to custom build add on modules or integrate our products with other systems you are using.

If the needs of your organization changes over time you may add functionality or integrate our products with other systems at a later date.

RiSource strive for our customers to minimize costs and time by providing our software from a wide range of configuration options.

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Our software comes with hosting of the Amazon Cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides trusted, cloud-based solutions to help our customers meet your business needs. Running RiSource solutions in the AWS Cloud can help you get your applications up and running faster while providing a high level of security.

The Benefits

Running in the Amazon cloud deliver RiSource, deployment of our solutions where our customers are. We can roll-out the latest version of our software in just a few minutes.

Your own hosting partner

If you prefer an other hosting provider like Microsoft Azure, Rackspace or a on-premise installation, please contact us for more information.

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Training Services

Training Services

RiSource has tailored training options for anyone working with, or wanting to learn more about RiSource Product Suite. All of our courses are led by our functional consultants; allowing you to learn faster by putting your knowledge to the test immediately.

Tailored Courses

RiSource provides standard introductory courses to tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, based on your unique project and overall business situation. Please contact us and we'll help you choose the option that’s best for you.

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We provide a range of solid, cost-effective support packages, for everyone using RiSource Suite, with RiSource Support. When you opt for RiSource Support, your company has a direct line to our experts, any time of the day, via phone or web. You have the freedom to choose the package that is most suited to your needs:

Lite Product Support

24x7 access to our online Support Portal for technical and functional information.

Standard Product Support

8x5 Product Support delivers quick response times using services like online issue tracking. Standard Product Support comes with unlimited use and is based on a fixed annual fee.

Premium Product Support

10x5 Product Support delivers quick response times using services like online issue tracking and the ability to request Hot Fixes on RiSource products if blocking issues occur, based on a fixed annual fee.

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